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Those black thugs who tweeted about "ratting on" are so evil and so stupid that they can't see how this Silva character CAN TURN AGAINST Jahar, i.e. the FBI will try to use him to turn him into a false witness against Dzhokhar with threats of a long prison sentence.


Yikes…I don’t think we need to bring race into this but yah, their posts weren’t exactly too well thought out and I think they were just pissed because their friend had just been busted.  Jahar would have nothing to gain from ratting him out…as a matter of fact if Jahar told LE anything about the gun he’d be incriminating himself by saying he knew his friend had a hot gun and if the issue of it being used on Collier came up than Jahar would be providing on a silver platter something LE don’t have…a link that would explain how the gun worked its way down from some Maine gang banger dealer to Tamerlan and Jahar,  If anyone ratted anyone out it would make the most sense for it to be the Maine guy “Icy” lol to try to knock some time off his sentence.

BUT this is all just assuming that they’re even the same gun as nothing to that effect appears anywhere in Silva’s indictment and the only reason anyone ever brought this possibility up is because some random “journalist” claimed it using the always popular explanation of an “unnamed source”

"Those black thugs" Seriously, anon? What does their race have to do with anything? And how do you know they’re "thugs" or are you just assuming shit based off of how they type and their color? SMH.

gardens-of-secrets replied to your post: I know I never post anything on here, …

Don’t you want to hang on until Jahar’s trial is done?

Yea, there’s that too :/ Although I’m more involved on twitter than on tumblr.. hm idk i may stick around

I know I never post anything on here, but I’m considering deleting this blog. It’s been good, that’s all I have to say but I don’t feel the need to keep this blog up anymore.

I’ll think about it though, so in the meantime feel free to look at some old posts. IDK.

Dias is fucked.

I mean the fangirl articles were wild and everywhere back in April/May ‘13 but they’re far and few in between now. Why so stressed? Chillll lol. Block who you don’t like and follow who you do.

Some of yall never shut up about this fangirl shit, huh?

Newsflash: no one gives a shit except for a few dedicated fucks on twitter and tumblr, but who’s checking for them? I’m not. (And no I’m not talking about the people that were actually affected, I mean the ones that just come on here to call us fangirls day in and day out and make shitty jokes )

Shit, I mean I wasn’t aware posting gifs or pictures was consider fangirl behavior now.

Call me when the Constitution of Free Jahar is finished so I know exactly what rules to follow, almighty rulers

Bombing in Russia highlights discrimination faced by those from Caucasus

One more good read.

Here’s the post that I got the link to that article from if you would like to read up some more:

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